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Animal Jam’s Innovative Chat System Keeps Abuse Under Control

The issue with most online games is that it exposes children to inappropriate content. Other online games have made the chat filter out inappropriate words and phrases, but kids have found ways around the filters with typos. Even the most advanced filters can’t stop the various typos and acronyms, or newly made acronyms. These filters often block out useful words as well, limiting social interaction. AIMSCHOOL reports that using Animal Jam cheats is prevalent in the community, with moderators actively trying to crack down on them. This is due to the demands in diamonds that are required to do anything in the game. The lack of sophisticated chat filters has caused quite a bit of trouble, and forced many parents to rule out online games altogether.

Advanced chat systems

Fortunately, Animal Jam has made advanced filters, and have been able control content in such a way that online chat rooms can’t be abused. Their system works the opposite way as most. Most systems are deductive, removing key words and phrases that they don’t like.

Animal Jam’s is inductive, and only allows words and phrases that they think will allow for positive social interaction. This way also helps kids learn how to spell, making it educational. Emoji’s are another way players can express themselves, and allow kids to communicate in other ways as well.